Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun is Dangerous

    Yesterday was my brother's birthday. We went out to celebrate at a place with pizza, bowling, arcade games, and go karts. My dad thought it would be good for me to practice driving on a go kart. After all, they're just like real cars but not as dangerous.
     Or so I thought.
     My friend and I went to go stand in line when we realized there were two. The line for single passeneger karts was very long. The double passenger line was completely empty. Because we are intelligent people, we stood in the double line.
     There was this little sign with an arrow pointing towards the double line that said:
     All drivers must be over 54' with a valid driver's lisence. Passengers must be over 36'.
     We didn't take it seriously because it wasn't a real sign, just a piece of paper taped a foot above the ground. That makes it a little hard for passengers over 36' to read. Besides, how many sixteen-year-olds hang out in dinky overpriced "party places"? That had to be one of the rules nobody bothers to enforce.
     The guy came up to unlock the gate seperating us from the very dangerous go karts."Which one of you is driving?" he asked.
     "She is," my friend said.
     "May I see your driver's lisence?"
     I actually do have one. It's a very special lisence you can only see if you believe. I used to have an invisible car to go with it, but I lost it in the grocery store parking lot. Pity. I think it might have been a mustang.
     I decided that doesn't make it valid. We walked away and got ice cream. Have you ever thought of the havoc a three foot tall child could cause with an ice cream machine? They might have difficulty lifting the handle back up when they were done. If nobody with a valid driver's lisence raced to their rescue, the ice cream might spill onto the floor. That would create a hazard for any people (or go karts)trying to walk (or drive) by.
     I'm trying to think of how that rule could be necessary. It's perfectly possible for a kid to injure themselves in one of those. Maybe they want to make sure some stupid kids don't injure themselves and another person at the same time. Or at least, not a person above 36 inches.
     I don't know what they have against toddlers.

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