Monday, November 28, 2011

Teacher Personality Types

Have you ever noticed that teachers have similar personalities depending on which subject they're teaching? Not all of them fit into these categories, but many do.
Science teachers: It's a big, fascinating world out there and they want you to explore it! However, they may occasionally feel bored and frustrated that they're standing up by the whiteboard giving a lecture on photosynthesis to a bunch of disinterested students instead of exploring the big, fascinating world.
Social studies teachers: They too think the world is a fascinating place, but they feel kind of awkward when they're standing up there going blah, blah, blah and getting nothing but blank glances in return. Offer an insightful comment and they'll love you forever. Or offer a smart aleck comment, because even those are appreciated.
English teachers: Literature holds a very special place in their hearts. So special, they go thumpthumpthump whenever somebody pulls out a copy of The Giver. Because of the theme, not the handsome guy on the cover. They understand, however, that not everybody feels this wonderful sensation and try their best to make you appreciate it. They like discussions, too, making it another class where you can get away with a few snide comments. I didn't even know the words snide and cynical were positive adjectives until my teacher used them to describe me at parent teacher conferences.
Math teachers: They do not like comments. Or discussions. There's only one right answer in math, so sit down, shut up, and find it.
Fine arts teachers: They know you're here because you signed up for the class, not because you had to. Both of you care more about having fun and appreciating theater/music/art. So why not turn it into a party?

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