Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Not Cranky Old Lady

Old ladies have a certain reputation for being cranky. Sometimes this is true, sometimes not.
The city likes to use my school for a voting place. There's always an old lady manning the voting table. Today I wondered what she would do if a teenager tried to vote. I got my friend to walk in with me. We had our student id's ready.
"Hello," I told the fluffy-haired lady. "We'd like to vote." I was expecting her to say snappy, tell us to get away, mutter about teenagers these days. Instead, she smiled.
"Do you have your ID's that say you're over twenty-one?"
We held up our cards. According to mine, I'm 8,519,307 years old. Or maybe that's my ID number.
"Well, you're certainly old and gray," she said. "But I'm sorry. I can't give you a sticker or else everybody would want one. Come after school."
It was nice to talk to somebody like her. It's like killing two stereotypes with one stone. Plus, I got a sticker.

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