Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Get Candy in November

Is your Halloween candy running low? Here is a slightly weird step by step guide created from my personal experience that will help refill your candy bucket.
1: Get friends. It's easier to slam the door on one person than six.
2: Dress up, so they now you're being serious.
3: Bring along plastic lightsabers so you can threaten people.
4: Choose houses of people who have known you forever and will thus think you're being cute instead of bizarre.
5: Ignore the weird stares.
6: And the slammed doors.
7: And when they insist they're out of candy.
8: If they try to remind you it's not Halloween, begin singing Jingle Bells. Everybody loves carolers. At least, mostly everybody.
9: Keep standing on their porch.
10: Say thank you, even if they only gave you a roll of lifesavers.
I tried this and it actually works! I got two toothbrushes, a roll of smarties, three suckers, a pack of cards, and a handful of jolly ranchers.

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