Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Cell Phones Are Necessary

     A few months ago, I was at the movie theater with my friend Annie. The movie ended and we walked out into the lobby, wondering when one of our parents would pick us up. Did they know the movie ended at eight? We couldn't remember.
     Most of you probably see the solution to this: Call our parents. But neither of us have cell phones, so we wandered around, looking for somebody we knew. Usually it's filled with people we know, but not that day. After spending a good ten minutes looking at people, I noticed a pay phone. Neither of us had used a pay phone before, but there were little directions printed on the side.
1: Pick up reciever and listen for tone.
2: Insert quarter
3: Dial number
     I picked up the receiver and listened for tone. It was silent. Either we had somehow misunderstood step one, or the phone had been disconnected because nobody uses those things except for us.
     Luckily, Annie saw a girl she had known five years ago. She had a phone, and we were able to call for a ride.
     People say cell phones are unnecessary, especially for teens. I don't want one because all of my fri-ends have one-I want one because most of my close friends don't, and somebody has to call for a ride.

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