Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bangle Danger

     Everybody knows you shouldn't let children three or under loose with soap of laundry detergent-the labels are clear enough. But after a certain age, people are mature enough to be trusted around dangerous objects.
     Or are they?
     I noticed this label on a set of bangles I got to go with my fortune teller costume.
     Choking Hazard-Not for children under 13 years.
     Maybe they're measuring in dog years.
    There bracelets are approximately three inches in diameter. Do you know any twelve-year-olds with throats that large? But then again, they're made of flimsy metal. Maybe they would fit if you bent them just right.
    But really, who would do such a thing? My dog is smarter than that. He might chew on them if I jingled them in front of his face, but not swallow them.
    I guess that's just another one of the dangers you'll have to look out for this Halloween. Drugs, disgusting Almond Joys, overzealous boys dressed as zombies, and dangerous costume jewelry.

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