Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is Not So Scary

When I was in kindergarten, the teachers gathered all the kids in one room to watch a video about Halloween safety. We observed children in safe, visible costumes going to safe houses in a large group (though the voiceover explained it's better to be with a parent). When the kids went home, their parents (oh, now you show up) broke all their candy and pulled out the needles hidden inside.
Even though it was nine years ago, I remember thinking:
It's no fun to eaten broken candy.
And then, Nobody ever put sharp things in my candy.
As a matter of fact, nobody has ever died from eating Halloween candy a stranger has tampered with. It's an urban legend, people, like the Manhattan sewer gators. So have fun, get some cool candy, and don't worry-unless you live in New York.

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