Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quiz Time!

     This one is for all you mothers out there. You happen to notice one of your daughter's friends running around in a gorilla suit. Do you
A: Snort in disbelief. Teenagers these days!
B: Lock the door, draw the curtains, and warn your daughter never to make eye contact with that strange girl again.
C: Laugh. It is funny, after all.
D: Grab the gorilla suit you wore when you crashed your daughter's other friend's party, put it on, and chase your gorilla friend around the neighborhood.
     If you answered
A: It's called fun.
B: Somebody is a little fussy. What did you do for fun when you were a teenager-embroider samplers?
C: Good for you!
D: Mom, you're not allowed to vote. And you need to return that gorilla suit already. I'm sick of staring at that mask every time I get in the car.*
*And you thought I was weird.

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