Saturday, June 1, 2013

We Get It

I'm getting sick of comics like this:

We get it. Now come up with a new comic idea.
Teenagers like technology for the same reason anyone else does: communication, employment, and entertainment. The level to which we do these varies person to person, not age to age. A few months ago, I saw a middle aged mother trying to take a picture of her teenaged son with a man who had to be at least eighty. Her son's phone was giving her some trouble. So the man took his arm off the boy, helped the woman, and stepped back into the picture. He also laughed.
Any of you adults out there want to know our secret?
1. Push buttons
2. See what they do.
It's not really that complicated. Some of the buttons even come with labels.
I helped my mom (I'm obliged to call her my beautiful, fabulous, and wonderfully talented mother) with gmail yesterday.
Fabulous Mother: Help! I need to send this email and I can't get it to work!
Me: You need to send an email?
Fabulous Mother: Well, she sent something to me and now I have to respond.
Me: So you want to reply.
Fabulous Mother: Yeah.
Me: Click reply.
Fabulous Mother: Where's that?
I scrolled down and showed her. Why is it that watching somebody wiggle the cursor around the screen is more annoying than being a backseat driver? I wonder how I'll be with the Internet when I'm a mom with teenagers. Will I stay up to date or keep my skills at the level they are now?
Bill Gates was born in 1955. He's still on top of things.

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