Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Survive a Family Reunion

Family reunions can be dull. Same boring people, same boring food, same boring questions. Here's some tips for teenagers to shake things up a bit.
1. Bring a friend, someone your immediate family doesn't know. Convince everyone you have a new cousin. Bonus points if you're not the same ethnicity.
2. When your great-aunt peers at you and asks, "Who do you belong to?" smile and say:
"You know what I like about this country? It's free, which means I can be free too. I'm not owned by anybody."
3. When someone asks your age, answer, "Older than I look but younger than you think I am."
4. When someone several decades older than you asks your age, tell them and then ask for theirs.
5. Ask for theirs first. If they only give you a decade, tell them you're somewhere in your teens.

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