Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drive Like a Teenager

My friend Esme was walking home from school a few days ago when a woman in a car pulled out of a parking lot. Actually, pulling out isn't the best way to describe it. Part of the car's in the road, part on the sidewalk, and part back in the parking lot. And then she stops.
Esme didn't feel like getting run over that day, so she stopped too. She had no idea what this woman was planning. Eventually she rolled down her window.
"What are you doing?"
"Waiting for you," Esme told her.
"Go in front of me."
"You'll pull forward."
"Go behind me."
"You'll back up."
So she narrowed her gaze and locked eyes with Esme. For the next ten minutes. Hundreds of other drivers with places to be went by. Esme pulled out a book and sat on the sidewalk. About ten minutes later, the woman gave up and made a left turn.
I'm sixteen, she's fifteen, we know what a driver's license is supposed to mean. If you can't drive with the common sense of a teenager trying to pass a test you shouldn't be on the road. 

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