Friday, August 17, 2012

Not Again

I'm going to take a brief departure from my alphabet parade to vent about school. In eleven days I have to go back. My days will go from carefree and unproductive to waking up early and going through school days half awake because I stayed up late doing homework. And because my district has ninth graders in middle school, it will be my first real year in high school. Bottom of the heap again. Just like seventh grade. That was not an enjoyable experience.
You'd think I'd at least be allowed to put school out of my mind until the day arrives. But no. Back to school catalogs come out the first day of summer. The Olympics, the epitome of summer and celebration of hard work and adventure, were punctuated by commercials for jeans, crayons, and backpacks. And my local grocery store put on a "Back to Shcool Sale."
They spelled school wrong on the sign. Some people really need to take their own advice. Got that, Peterson's Marketplace?

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