Monday, August 20, 2012


A few days ago I went The Odd Life of Timothy Green with my mom. It's a cute movie, but I thought it could have been more interesting if they focused more on Timothy and his relationship with his friend Joni. It's mostly a movie about the parents.
And then the credits rolled around. First came the unit production manager and a few other people nobody actually cares about. Why do their names always come first? No wonder people walk out with their popcorn the second it's over.
After those guys came Jennifer Garner, who plays the mom, and Joel Edgerton, the dad. C.J. Adams is third. And he's the Timothy Green of the movie.

They don't even have his name on the poster. Couldn't that lead to some confusion as to which one of the guys plays Timothy?
For Finding Nemo, the credits go in this order: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alexander Gould. Marline, Dori, Nemo. Title kid comes last again.
Then again, the movie's called Finding Nemo. Though Nemo has his adventures in the dentist's fish tank, the plot is about Dori and Marlin's quest to rescue him.
Love that movie.
Then there's HUGO. I have to confess I haven't actually seen it yet, but I did read the book. I'm pretty sure it's better. There are lots of movies out there, but I haven't seen anything quite like The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Is it a novel, a graphic novel, or the world's longest picture book?                  
Plus it looks impressive when you lug it around.
But on the credits, Christopher Lee comes first. He's not nearly important as the actors who play Hugo and Isabelle.

This could be because child actors tend to be less famous than their adult costars. But come on, these are all the title characters!

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