Friday, August 19, 2011

The Pros and Cons

The Seven Best Things About Being a Teenager
1: Going to the mall without parents
2: Going to the mall with friends instead of parents
3: Enjoying myself while adults worry about all those silly grown-up things, like taxes.
4: Being able to drive...eventually
5: Not having to eat from the kiddie menu
6: Going on big roller coasters
7: If you so choose to run around walmart with a tutu, a cart full of pineapples, and a friend in a gorilla suit*, nobody wonders why you're doing it. Being a teenager is explanation enough.

The Three Worst Things About Being a Teenager
1: Adults don't take you seriously
2: Comments that would have been called funny if an adult had said them are sassy coming out of your mouth.
3: Whenever you enter a store without an adult, there's the possibility of getting kicked out because somebody thinks you're up to no good.

*If haven't done that (yet) but I've done similar things

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