Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pick On Someone Your Own Size

These two cartoon strips ran in my local newspaper yesterday:
 Mallard Fillmore Cartoon for Aug/28/2011
Zits Cartoon for Aug/28/2011
     If the first comic had made fun of women, handicapped people, or racial minorities, they wouldn't have printed it in the first place in fear of offending someone. Well, I'm certainly offended. I understand that Bruce Tinsley is trying to make his readers laugh, but he had made the mistake of assuming that his readers consist entirely of adults. In my experience, adults are generally more interested in the sports or news sections.
     As for the second one, I'm not even sure why I bothered to read it this week. I can't recall the last time Zits depicted teenagers doing anything positive. I'm not sure why Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman struggle with this. Luann, Baldo, Hi and Lois, and Foxtrot write perfectly funny strips about teenagers going through everyday life. Flo & Friends features a teenage girl with a pink mohawk who enjoys hanging out with her grandmother.
     After I finish this post, I'm going to write emails to all three cartoonists expressing my frustration, encouraging them to be more tolerant in the future, and mentioning that I my blog has been read hundreds of times in over twenty countries. If I find something else rude, I'll post it here.

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