Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Rioters Not Helping

A woman leaps out of a building set on fire by London rioters

    Most of you have heard about the riots going on in London-buildings set aflame, shops being looted, and rioters arrested. In most cases, the rioters are young, most of them under twenty and some as young as eight. Many of them are also unemployed, frustrated with the system, and feel that society owes them something.
     I know they're young, I know they have something to be angry about, I know they're the kind of people I often write about, but I'm not siding with them. They're not like the activists in northwest Africa,  waving signs and chanting slogans. They're not poor, hungry mobs raiding grocery stores for bread and milk. They're mugging people and stealing flatscreen TVs, as if to say, "Society won't give us jobs, so we're never going to be able to afford this. Might as well take it while we have the chance."
     Society does not owe you a flatscreen. Society does not owe anybody a flatscreen. You want a flatscreen, get a job and buy one. I know you're frustrated because you don't have a job, but that's know reason to wreck the business of somebody who does.
     In addition to damaging others' businesses, they're also damaging the reputations of youth worldwide. Young people are already prejudiced enough, these idiots aren't helping create a positive image. 

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