Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Guy is Awesome


     A few days ago I came across a book called The Teen's Guide to World Domination: Advice on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomeness. Who could not pick up a book like that? I read the first few pages and decided to check it out from the library. Fortunately for you, the book did not contain directions on conquering the world. It's actually a self help book about dominating your personal world. So I'll have to put off my plans to become Supreme Dictator of Planet Earth.
     The author, Josh Shipp, is also a motivational speaker. He gives good advice on money, dating, friends, jobs, so on and so forth. Even though he's a twenty-nine-year-old with a wife son, he's awesome at relating to teenagers. He rarely talks about "back in the day" or describes himself as An Adult, and never talks down to readers.  But best of all, his  "in your face but on your side" style is hilarious. I'm not exactly sure how to describe how hilarious he is, so I'm going to let his own words speak for him. This is the first page of his book:

//If you skip this introduction, I will find you and slap you. I'm not joking.
Good evening, teenage human,
     Pleasure to meet you. I'm Josh Shipp, aka the guy on the cover of this book whose hair looks like a Chia Pet. Aka the guy who just threatened to slap you. And meant it.
     I don't always threaten to slap people. I only do that when it's important, you know? Slapping people usually gets their attention. And I need you attention right now because your life is at stake.
     "Excuse me, Josh?" Yes, you heard me. Your life is at stake.
     No, you're not dying, so don't panic and call 911. This is good news, so lean in and listen closely.
     You get to choose how you live your life.
     I seriously recommend this book to absolutely anybody reading this-teenagers, parents, teachers, adults who aren't parents or teachers-it's awesome. I normally have better word choice, but that's all I can say about it. Just read the book already.

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