Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Syrian Teen Murdered

     A while back, I posted about thirteen-year-old Hamza al-Kahtib, a teenager who was arrested, tortured, and executed by the Syrian government for being involved in protests. Fifteen-year-old Tamer Mohammed al-Sharei disappeared from Daraa on April 29th, the same day and area as the former.
     Tamer was taken to a filthy detention center in Damascus. While there, he was ordered to praise Syrian president Bashar Assad. He refused and chanted an often heard anti-regime slogan calling for "freedom and the love of God and our country." He was beaten in response.
     I don't know how much will be more than some of you want to hear. If you feel the need to know all the horrific details, you can look them up elsewhere. Let's just say they broke his wrist and beat him until he was covered with blood and cried out, "Mom, Dad, come rescue me!" Later, he said nothing at all.
     Both teenagers' deaths have enfuriated protestors all across Syria. When you kill someone, you're seen as a bad guy. When you kill a teenager or child, you're seen as pure evil. Syrian government, you may be able to crush people into obedience that way, but you will never win their loyalty.

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