Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smartest Kids in the World

Gregory Smith, 13
    If you google the words 'smartest person in the world', almost every article you find will have the words 'child prodigy' somewhere. None of the people you read about waited until adulthood to display their exceptional skills. Kim Ung-Yong, now forty-nine, attended university at the ripe old age of four, worked for NASA at seven, and had a Ph. D in physics by the time be turned fifteen. Today he has the world's highest IQ.       All of a sudden, my honor roll status seems small and insignifigant.
     But he isn't the only one to ever be called a child prodigy. Gregory Smith could read books at age two, went to university at ten, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of twelve. What did he do to deserve this nomination? Smith is an activist for peace and childrens' rights. He founded an organization called International Youth Advocates, which promotes understanding and peace to young people around the world.
     Akrit Jaswal has been called the smartest boy in India, or even the world. When he was seven years old, a local girl burned her hand in a fire, causing her fingers to curl up in a fist and refuse to open. Her family couldn't afford a doctor, so Jaswal, with no formal training or experience with surgery, was able to fix it so she could open her fingers and use her hand. Now he's busying himself finding a cure for cancer.
     Seven-year-old Elaina Smith was listening to the radio when she heard a woman despairing over her boyfriend dumping her. She called in and offered her advice: "Go bowling with friends and drink a mug of milk." The station liked her advice and gave Smith a time slot. She continues to give her advice. Best friend stole your boyfriend? You want to get him back? "He's not worth the heartache. Life's too short to be upset with a boy. His new girlfriend will always be thinking if he cheated with her than he will cheat again."
     Still think young people aren't smart? Think again.

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