Friday, April 15, 2011

Young Adult Fiction Disappoints

     Many people wonder why teenagers don't read as much as younger or older people. Are they lazy? Stupid? Busy? Or is it because there isn't much out there worth reading?
     When I was in second grade, I discovered that the kids section of the library had chapter books in addition to picture books. After that I barely went a day without a book in my hand. I read in the car, on the bus, during lunchtime, while walking, and even during recess. When I did something wrong, I was grounded from reading. Sometimes I would read six books at once, picking up a new novel when one got boring. But now, at the age of fourteen, I don't read as much as I did in third grade.
     There are two reasons why: quantity and quality. The youth section of my local library is puny. It lines a wall and a half of the kids' area. The quality is even worse. When I was younger, I could run into the library ten minutes to closing time and find seven books I liked before then. Now I can take a half hour to scan the shelves and only find three novels I might enjoy. Many of the books in the teenagers' section were originally written for adults but were shoved down to younger readers because they weren't good enough. Also, lots of books written for children were shoved up because they were too inappropriate. I'd actually like to read something good and wholesome once in a while.
     In a few years, today's youth are going to be running the world. If we are to do a good job, we need stimulating books today.

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