Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maybe I'll Just Stop Trying

     Age discrimination affects every aspect of my life. Every time I walk into a store, I imagine getting kicked out by some brilliant employee who thinks I'm shoplifting. When I eat a restaurant, I make sure it's me who tells the waiter what I want, not my mom. Today, when my family went out to lunch, I kept my elbows off the table and even put my napkin on my lap.
     Today, I went to my cousins wedding reception at a giant greenhouse sort of place with all sorts of exotic flowers. I went out on the large balcony with two of my cousins. They're in seventh and second grade, but since their family isn't exactly known for their height, they look a lot younger than that. A lady who worked there came out and said, "You kids need to get back inside with your parents.*" We weren't doing anything wrong. We weren't even touching the precious plants.
     I did what she asked, even saying "sorry" for whatever horrible wrongdoings we had commited. But I was angry and frusturated. No matter how how hard I try, the adults won't see me any differently. So why bother?
     Maybe the best way to present yourself as an equal is to not backdown (but not rudely). The next time something like this happens, I'll ask why. If they give me a straight, reasonable answer, I'll obey.
But not before then.

*Not exact quote

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