Friday, April 29, 2011

Malaysian Teens Face Prejudice

There is a statistics tool on on blogger that organizes pageviews by country. I've noticed an increase in views from Malaysia, so I thought I should blog about Malaysian youth. A little bit of research really opened my eyes to the severe prejudice young Malaysians are afflicted with.
     The Youth Society and Youth Development Act consideres anybody between the ages of 15 and 40 as youth, which makes me wonder who's doing the considering, especially since the average Malaysian life span is 74.39 years. I don't see how much of a difference anybody can make if they wait to act until the last thirty years of their life. This emphasizes how people everywhere in the world should take action while young.
     Have you ever types the words  'Malaysian teenagers' into google? You get 2, 570, 000 results. This from the search engine that can come up with 92,200,000 websites in response to the word 'mango.' As I scanned through the search results, many of them seemed to be negative. Next I tried 'Malaysian teenagers making a difference' and couldn't really find anything pertinent. I did, however, find one small web article about a video making camp for Malaysian teenagers. Youth journalist Wan Su-Ann is quoted saying, “People always say that teens are meant to be seen and not heard. “I have the very strong urge to tell people that we are teens, we have our opinions and we want the world to know.”

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