Monday, April 18, 2011

Teach, Don't Preach

     Two years ago, my parents gave me a book called Words You Should Know in High School to improve my writing skills. I found it very useful, interesting, and sometimes even funny. However, some of the words in there are, well, duh quality. Some of the words included were mortal, inspiration, vanity, even acronym. Even worse are the example sentences, many of which are condescending towards the teenagers. These sentences include:
     I am surprised that you didn't understand that the consequences for your bad behavior would be unpalatable.
     The vagaries (meaning unpredictable, impulsive) of the teenage mind frustrates many parents, as well as teachers.
     When caught doing wrong, some teens obfuscate their explanation of events, hoping parents won't quite understand.
     Some of the the sentences are just downright rude.
     Obesity is becoming a serious issue for America's youth.
     Hello, it's a serious issue for ALL of America, along with many other countries. Besides, don't the authors realize how many millions of people who will pick up this book suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders? 50% of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 suffer from anorexia. That's one out of every thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen-year-old girls you pass each day. Don't the authors realize what a big issue self-esteem is here and now?
     In conclusion, teenagers who read this book are looking to improve their academic skills and test scores. They are not on the lookout for life lectures. This book is meant for academic use, it should stick to academic expression.

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