Friday, January 9, 2015

Yet Another Post About Teacher-on-Student Rape

So I kicked off my Thursday afternoon with these lovely Whisper confessions.
I'm a teacher and I really think that several of my students would f*ck  me if there were no consequences for either of us...

I'm a teacher and I have a crush on one of my students.

I'm a teacher and 
when the kids go outside for recess,
 I watch porn

I'm a guy and I sext during class. My secret: I'm a teacher.

Then I hit up a local news site, and hey, look, another teacher-on-student rape. My favorite part is the comments.


Kids is not what I would call 16 and 17 year old boys, but we have set the legal sexual adult age at 18 and this is very poor behavior on the part of this woman, especially from a position of trust. Clearly she at least needs some therapy, I hope that is available to her in prison.

I mostly pity the poor ex-husband and her kids!


Saint George, UT
@ 1ket- you're right a teen boy probably isn't thinking anything more than how cool it was to make it with the teacher. However, what long term effects will this have on the young man. Will he be capable of a relationship later on? Will he make a good husband or father? Will this experience cause adverse psychological problems down the road? Will he respect women ?

When young high school age girls and boys engage in sexual activity with older adults, especially teachers, thinking its a good thing, it probably has adverse affects in the long run.


Salt Lake City, UT
As unpopular a statement as the following may prove to be, I'm pretty sure a 17 year-old male would not find the alleged behavior to be a crime. Too bad the law can't recognize that; I think there are many parts of the world where the age of consent is less than 18. Looking at a map on wikipedia, there are many parts of the US where it is 16. Seems to be true for all of Canada, most of Australia, Russia, etc. In many parts of Europe it's lower than that.

If they've reported the rapes to true trusted adults and filed lawsuits, then yeah, I'm pretty sure they consider it a crime. I'm uncomfortably reminded of the Steubenville High rape case. Why are we pitying the perpetrators before the victims?
I know I shouldn't get riled up over a comment section crusade, but I think this demonstrates a larger social problem. I'm not going to get into my opinions because I've already talked about it twice. Here and here.
All students are entitled to sexual safety in school.
Any teacher-on-student sexual activity should be considered statutory rape because there's an imbalance of power.
Seventeen is not to old to be considered a child. We're still treated as minors in every other facet of life, so we're entitled to the same privileges of childhood.
Why am I even writing this? These should be universal truths that stand on their own without some eighteen year old blogger to back them up. Now, if you excuse me, I have homework to do. Because I pass classes the old fashioned way. 

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