Sunday, January 25, 2015

Do You Deserve The Technology You Have?

A short competency test for adults.

1. The above are examples of:
A. Icons
B. Little-texty-symbol things
C. Emoji

2. What is this?
B. Meme
C. A panda...and it's adorable!

3. What can you do with this?
A. Make calls, send texts, and take pictures
B. Play games and change the wallpaper
C. Many, many things

4. Gladys wants to take the text of an email and put it into a word document. For whatever reason, her computer won't allow her to copy the image by right clicking it. What does she do now?
A. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
B. Holler for the nearest teenager
C. Begin to cry uncontrollably

5. Jerry has an iPod, which looks quite nice next to the receipts and keychains in his top dresser drawer. He also has a smart phone. which performs all of the functions of the iPod, except it can make calls. All his friends have tablets. What should Jerry do?
A. Learn to be happy with what he has
B. Buy the tablet! Fast! Before they come out with a newer one!
C. Buy the current tablet, wait three months, and then buy the new one

6. While jogging in the middle of nowhere, Tina needs a motivational song, so she looks up a YouTube video from her phone. What allows her to do this?
A. WiFi
B. A data plan
C. Tina can do that?

Now that you have finished the test, please check your answers with a friendly neighborhood teenager. If you scored lower than five , you will be reported to the Tech Nazi Committee, who will confiscate all your electronics in the dead of night and give them to deserving twelve year olds in your neighborhood.
But you'll get over it. In a few short months, you can get the iPhone seven!

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