Friday, November 14, 2014

This Time, She Wins

Once again, a New Jersey young woman has sued her parents for college tuition. I can't help but notice the similarities between Caitlyn Ricci and the Rachel Canning case. But this time, she wins.
 Rachel Canning is:
1. An eighteen year old New Jersey girl
2. With married
3. Allegedly abusive parents
4. Who sued for college tuition and lost
5. And is seen by the media as a spoiled brat
Caitlyn Ricci is:
1. A twenty one year old New Jersey girl
2. With divorced
3. Allegedly supportive parents
4. Who sued for college tuition and won
5. And is seen by the media as a spoiled brat
I've got a college application open in another window right now. I've crunched the numbers. There is no way a teenager working a minimum wage job-and that's really all we can get-is capable of paying full college tuition by herself. Back in the sixties, my English teacher's husband paid for college on his own by working summers in a steel mill. That's not possible anymore. We petition our parents. We sign our souls away to student loans. We get a leg up from the government. We do whatever we have to now so we aren't stuck selling cigarettes from behind a gas station counter at age fifty.
A college education is required to move ahead in life. To move anywhere. I have friends who think they deserve college money for getting a 4.0. For playing a sport. For their ethnic heritage. For community service. For involvement. Is it such a stretch to assume she's entitled to money because she's born to parents who can pay for it? Parents have a responsibility to provide for their children financially and emotionally. Ricci's are cherrypicking. "One day she's gonna realize she needs parents," her mother said.
Sounds to me like she has. They just don't want to answer when she comes knocking. 

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