Friday, October 3, 2014

You Are Unique. Just Like Everyone Else.

I've never met a normal teenager.
My friend Esme isn't normal because she prefers showtunes over pop. Another friend, Tianna, isn't normal because she prefers hanging with her little sister to friends. My cousin Maysen isn't normal because she isn't on social media. My friend L'ren isn't normal because she's never been on a date and got her first cell phone this Wednesday. Just last week, a girl I'm doing a school play with came out as abnormal. She's only snapped one selfie and never sipping a Starbucks.
I suppose I should come out as well. Here I am, sitting cross legged in front of a computer on a Friday night. There's a football game, for heaven's sake. A football game with a stand full of teenagers. I don't want to go, though, because apparently I'm an aberration.
Normal just means stereotypical. There's room for all types of teenagers on this planet. We don't have to fit into one mold, but I don't think there's anything wrong with those who do. If you're involved in school events, date regularly, and keep up with your friends via twitter and instagram, goodie for you.
My mom likes to drag me to baby and bridal showers. It's the best of both worlds for her. She doesn't have to show up alone and she needn't take the time and effort to invite a friend. I'm always the youngest one there. These are her old friends. They remember me as a baby but I can't put names to faces. I don't know if I'd want to.
So I pull out my phone. My parents canceled my data plan and I don't have any games. I spend most of my time on my notes app writing stories, posts, journal entries, to do lists, and rants about whatever's on my mind. But I try to hide my phone while I do it.
I know how I look: an antisocial teenage daughter firing off acronym-heavy texts to her BFFs. So I hold my phone under a table or sit cross legged, shielding it with my knee.
We don't need to be embarrassed. There's no more shame in a teenager texting than a girl favoring pink, skirts, and nail polish. But that doesn't stop all my friends from protesting, "We're not girlie girls."
Don't worry about being unique. Just be yourself.


  1. this is really great :) i needed this... I've been thinking about how unsignificant and boring i am recently (i also read your post about worthlessness and i loved it)

  2. Glad I could help! In my experience, the only boring people are the ones who hide the more colorful, fun aspects of themselves, both from the world and themselves.
    Just find something you like about yourself and go with it.

    1. you are seriously a frickin ray of sunshine