Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sick Old Man

Men like him make it hard for me to trust the adult population
It has come to my attention that we are now inferior to ten year old boys. Thanks for the heads up, John Grisham. Apparently viewing child pornography isn't so bad if you're oggling a sixteen year old girl instead of a ten year old boy.
In my Women's History class, we talked about the colonial gender system, in which women and girls were viewed as vile temptresses. Supposedly, this viewpoint had been outdated for centuries. Women, for the most part, have been cleared. But why does the stereotype of the teenage slut persist?
Dear Mr. Grisham,
You know what? You're right. Rubbing your sick old man hands over the picture of a sixteen year old girl doesn't make you a "real paedophile". The term is ephebophile. This bothers me. Seeing as you're such a literate man, it might do you good to pick up a dictionary next time you're doing a book signing.
The Teenage Population of the World
P.S.: It's still grossly wrong. 

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