Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Your Child

A woman from Fargo, North Dakota decided to embark on a crusade against fat this Halloween. If you show up on her porch and you're skinny you'll get candy. If you're not you get this:

In other words, she thinks her trees would look good with toilet paper. What bothers me most isn't her arrogance. Or the sloppy typos. I expect that from Internet trolls but not paper letters.
I hate how this letter is about 'your child'. It asks the receiver to 'step up as a parent'. But these letters are going out to the kids standing on her doorstep. She's calling them fat to their faces and won't even deign to address them. She treats them as if they're a living problem that's not intelligent enough to solve itself.
Obese kids know they're fat. A sad number of healthy sized kids think the same. They don't need a letter to remind them.  And no one deserves to be dehumanized like this. If you have a weight issue it's your problem. Not your parents, your neighbor, or your village.

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