Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Pace of Modern Life

If you've read this blog long enough, you know one of my pet ideas is that nothing much changes from generation to generation. Here are a few good quotes on the pace of "modern" life.
"There is a great tendency among the children of today to rebel against their parents, not only that placed upon them by the will of a parent, but against any restraint or limitation of what they consider their rights...this fact has filled well minded people with great apprehensions of the future."
Rev. Henry Hussman
The Authority of Parents, 1906

"Our modern family gathering, silent around the fire, each individual with his head buried in his favorite magazine, is somewhat the natural outcome of the banishment of colloquy from the school..."
The Journal of Education, volume 29
I looked up 'colloquy' and it means 'a conversational exchange'. In other words, schools crack down on chatting in class, the family unit is doomed.
Now we see at that picture and think it's cozy. We wish our family could be more like that. They look like educated, refined people. Except for that kid on the floor. He just looks bored.
Happy happy happy.
I don't know any modern families who want their children to talk more than read. Now the complaints are, "I can't get them to pick up a book!
I borrowed the quotes from xkcd. Read more here.

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