Friday, September 13, 2013

Does It Count? Well, What Does?

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here, curled up at my computer typing about ageism. Does anybody care? Yes, there are young people trying to push down the voting age. There are old people working for equality at the other end of the spectrum. But it's not a popular idea. You don't see ageism sob stories on the news. You never hear about rallies.
Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe I should just shut up. Then yesterday I saw an article about Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You know, the ones made with condensed milk. Apparently that offends vegans enough to start a petition. And it's taken off.
Is this really necessary? Yes, it's an important belief for some people. Yes, it's an important health issue for some people. Yes, it's going to leave out people who can't have milk.
But you can make your own latte. Problem solved forever.
Does this really deserve a petition? Does it count as discrimination? If not, what does? I've heard people complain about prejudice for, let's see...

Hair Color
Hair length



Political Belief



If you don't get this picture, here's a song for you.



...and now food.
Let me know if you want anything else added to that list.
So which one of these should get the headlines and which ones should shut up and leave us normal people alone? The biggest minorities? The victims of hate crimes? The ones who whine the loudest? The ones who don't have a choice to be different, because that's just the way they were born?
I'm opposed to coffee too, it's against my religion, and if you try drink your pumpkin spice latte in front of me I. Won't Care. I thought this Starbucks crisis was the stupidest thing I'd heard in months. Go home and make your own latte.  But is food discrimination different than ageism? Or sexism? Or anti-goth prejudice?
No one has any right. It's all a matter of finding a soapbox to climb on and seeing who will stand with you. So long as people complain their anti-vegan coffee, I'll be here to talk about ageism.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But you''re not entitled to anyone else's.

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