Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I Did on Prom Night

I always thought prom was something all high schoolers did. Apparently not. According to the internet, it's supposed to be an upperclassman thing.
Huh. That didn't stop my sophomore friends from going to prom. No, I'm not talking about a sophomore girl tagging along with some generous junior boy. Two sophomores. That's how it works at our school.
Maybe it's because we live in Utah. Home of this:

The LDS church prohibits dating before the age of sixteen and even then we're supposed to go on group dates. That means you need to wait on birthdays for four different people before you can plan anything. Not a lot of dating happens sophomore year. The administration never thought to ban it.
Now, I would love to get on my soapbox here and tell you about what a wonderful time my date and I had tonight and how every sophomore girl is entitled to the same. Unfortunately for my boyfriend, he doesn't exist. But I'm sure he's stunning.
So, regardless of age, I wish you all a happy prom night and good luck finding your (future) date.

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