Monday, May 7, 2012


Russian viewers will know what this is. It's already circulating around the world, including the U.S. Putin protest, riot police, kid on bike. They're calling it an viral, iconic even. Until the next image goes viral. Meanwhile in Syria...

This is why the voting age could stand to be lowered. Maybe not to these boy's age, but lower than it is now. I think fourteen is a good number. Young people don't have to live under dictators-they have to grow up under them. And they don't have the luxury of saying, "This was my vote, I brought this on myself and now I'd like to change it next election day."

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  1. I think 14 would be a good voting age for the MATURE 14-year olds. Sadly, most 14-year olds aren't mature. Eliza, for you, it would be great! For some other kids that I am thinking of, the world would be doomed.