Friday, May 18, 2012

Death by Sticky Notes

Remember last year when James Tate was suspended and banned from prom after spelling out a prom invite in letters taped to the side of the school? Dangerous as that is, five students from Cascade High in Clayton, Indiana have him beat. Personally, I don't think their senior prank was all that clever. 11,000 sticky notes decking every imaginable surface in the school building. Doors, windows, offices. They got permission and coordinated times with the custodian.
She was later fired. All five students were suspended.

And what does the school superintendent have to say about this? "It had to do with accessing the building after hours without permission et cetera. It was just Post It notes; no damage, thank goodness, occurred. Nobody was injured, thank goodness. It's the unintended stuff that sometimes causes issues and so we're fortunate there was no damage but again, they didn't have permission to be on the premises and there were consequences for that."
Damage? The glue is pathetic. It's designed that way. They don't even leave a sticky strip after you peel it off.
And injuries? Really?
Ways to Be Injured With Post-It Notes:
1: Develop an allergy to paper.
2: Tape them to your eyes and stroll along the rim of a shark tank.
3: See how many you can fit in your mouth at once.
4: See how many you can fit in a shark's mouth at once.
5: See how many you can fit in the superintendent's mouth at once.

After some protests, which led to the suspensions of sixty or so more students, the punishments have been lifted.
But seriously, how could this be considered a disturbance in the first place?

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