Friday, February 24, 2012

Syrian War Hurts Everyone


You've probably already heard about American journalist Marie Colvin being killed in Syria, so I'll make this brief and to the point. To call Colvin remarkable would be a gross understatement. She devoted her life to covering wars, believing she could make a difference by exposing the violence and injustice suffered worldwide. Even when Assad ordered to "kill any journalist who set foot in Syria", she stayed to finish one last story. She lost her eye due from a nasty incident with a hand gernade in Sri Lanka back in 2001. She refused to use a prosthetic. I think it suits her.
So why am I writing about a fifty six year old journalist when my blog says "teen" at the top? Because this affects everyone. Don't forget Hamza Ali al-Kahteeb (13) and Tamer Mohammed al-Sharei (15), killed in tortured and killed because of their involvement in anti-regime protests. Several months ago. Don't believe any of that crap about how they're only attacking terrorists. Colvin was stationed in the city of Homs, full of civilians with no military threat. Only a small group of journalists dedicated to publicizing the facts. Her last report focused on a two year old baby killed in the bombings.
Adults have the responsibility to make the world a good place for the children. We as teenagers have the responsibility to stand up, make a change in the world in the world for ourselves, and improve it for future generations.

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