Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Last Annual Independence Day Post (One Day Late)

I posted this video on the Fourth of July back when I was fifteen, and I've made a habit of reposting it in succeeding years. The music used is a blast from my past. I lapped up Liberty's Kids when all my friends were watching SpongeBob. You know those "You're not a true nineties kid unless you know this character" memes? Yeah, I'm a failure, a disgrace to my generation. My parents didn't let us watch Nick or Disney until I was eleven so I was stuck with educational channels.
When I rewatched Liberty's Kids as a teenager, I could appreciate the in depth, unbiased, multifaceted look at the American Revolution it offers. The core cast of a loyalist British girl, a patriot colonist boy, a French boy who is formerly an indentured servant, and a free black adult man. These are the only significant fictional people. Benedict Arnold and Abigail Adams are recurring characters, and we get to see more of them than the typical historical caricatures of "the traitor" and "the president's wife". The show has a knack for shedding light on overlooked historical heroes-like sixteen year old Sybil Ludington, the subject of one of my first ever history posts.
We get a good look at people involved from beyond Britain and America, as well as a frank portrayal of the lives of slaves and Native Americans under the fledgling American government.
Score one for children's television!
The entire series is available on YouTube-here's the first episode.
This is my last year as a teenager blogging, so here it is for the final fourth: America Through My Own Eyes. Fun Fact: For years, I misheard "Searching for a hero to idolize" as "a hero that I despise." In the opening theme, these lyrics play at the moment Benedict Arnold's face crosses the screen. My interpretation works too. Just saying.

Did I just do what I did?
Yes, I did it! I managed to write an entire post recommending a children's TV show without using the condescending phrases "fun for all ages" or "adults can enjoy this as well". And if I did that, you can do it too. 

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