Saturday, March 14, 2015

Close Your Eyes

I've met a lot of parents who cover their children's eyes to protect them from seeing something bad. That always seemed counterproductive to me What's the goal here? To shield your children from all that is dark and evil in the world, or to raise up moral agents who can think for themselves?
On Mayan Apocalypse Day back in 2012, I invited some friends over to watch Titanic because it's a disaster movie. My mom was eager to try out our new clear play filter. It skipped over all the swearing, which made things messy, especially in the iceberg scene. We weren't entirely sure if they'd hit the iceberg or not because it jumped so much. Then came the sketching scene. The filter blocked absolutely nothing and that was the moment my mom decided to walk into the room.
She stood in front of the TV, arms and legs splayed wide like a starfish. "Don't look, girls!"
I don't know what she would've done if we hadn't been there. Hit fast forward? Look away from the TV? Filter it with our own eyelashes? At any rate, we would've done something. We knew the scene was coming. We just never got the chance to face it on our own.

 If you're used to having your eyes covered, what happens when no one's there to reach out to you?
I don't see myself covering up my children's eyes. When they're old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, they're old enough to choose. Instead, I'll teach them to look away.
The best filter you can ever have is your own eyelashes.

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