Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are We There Yet?

Back in January, my school's choir banded together with other choirs across the state to perform in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. It's right across from this shopping center called City Creek. We had a break between the rehearsal and performance, so everyone wandered over there for dinner and window shopping.
I walked across the street with my friend Maya. Before we could reach the food court, she said, "Let's go to the Disney store." I'd planned to stop by anyway, so I followed her. We looked around, but I already have a Mulan doll and I couldn't fit into any of the dresses, so we left.Maya and I parted ways once we reached the food court. I got my pizza, found four friends leaving the Chik Fil A line, and joined their table. Three of them had kids meals.Once we finished eating, I wandered around with that group, which added and lost a few members along the way. We had enough time to stop at one store before heading back to the tabernacle. What did they want? "Let's go to the Disney store!"
There's nothing wrong with loving childish things. If you've read through my other blog, you know I'm an ardent Disney fan. But it is perfectly normal and right to like mature things as well. My inner fifteen year old is screaming at me as I type this, but...I'm ready to move on. I want to grow up. I'm ready to go to parties where people don't play the same "go around the circle and name one thing in this category" games we played when we were twelve. I'm ready to have a movie night that wasn't brought to me by Walt Disney Studios. I'm ready to be around mature people.Graduation, here I come.

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