Monday, December 22, 2014

Silver Rush for the Win

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Some schools have football. Some schools have grades. Riverton High has charity. Between 1999, the year we opened, and last year, we raised over $900,000 dollars for different charities. That means my senior class got to tip the balance over one million.
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This is Zoey Spencer, one of the kids who will benefit from the money we raised. She sold over two thousand handmade reindeer necklaces during lunch to support Silver Rush. I've seen kids walking the halls with six or seven strung around their necks.

In three weeks, we raised $133,689.15 Inter Mountain Healing Hearts, a charity that provides "hope and healing" to kids with congenital heart defects. We counted it out to fifteen cents because that's our graduation year. Most of my senior class is bittersweet about the whole thing. Silver Rush is such a huge part of our identity as a school. We do everything we can think of for Silver Rush. Carrot grams. Cheerleader pie-a-thons. A male beauty pageant. Our motto is, "It's not about the money, it's about the change," but I suspect the real reason we love Silver Rush is the sense of unity. 
We're not from an enormously wealthy district. The most any other school in our area raised is $96,000 (This is the school that creamed us in football. Not that I'm bragging or anything). We succeed because we're passionate. 
Now it's all over for the last time.But you know what? We have the rest of our lives to be nostalgic about high school. Why spend our last year in some kind of pre-nostalgic haze? We've done good things today and we've got years ahead of us to do more. 
Live it up, Class of 2015.

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