Monday, September 22, 2014

Who Wants to be a Teenager?

Good evening, folks, and welcome to the latest episode of Who Wants to Be a Teenager! Today we're playing for 500 Sanity Points. Here's the first question.
You and your parents have a minor disagreement. You don't want to fight, you just want to explain your point and get out of this conversation with some dignity. What do you do?

A. Say what you have to say in one or two sentences.
  Your parents ask clarifying questions and make you repeat things. Game over!

B. Spend the next hour explaining to your parents what you mean.
  "I'm done arguing with you, kid. Go to your room." Game over!

C. Say what you have to say in a soft tone.
  Your parents don't hear you. Go back and pick a new option.

D. Say it in a loud, clear voice with words carefully enunciated.
  Yelling at your parents is wrong. Game over!

E. Use simple words and lots of repetition so there is no way they can misunderstand you.
  Talking down to your parents is rude. Game over!

F. Use those erudite words you picked up from your latest vocabulary quiz. 
  Any eloquent argument can be trumped by the phrase "Don't talk back to me." Game over! 

G. Shut up, retreat to your room, and listen to mood music as you scream into a pillow.
  Congratulations! You get to keep playing! However, that wasn't actually a victory, so you're back to your original score of 0 Sanity Points. Don't forget to tune in next time for Who Wants to Be a Teenager?

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