Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Age Based Morality

Why do teenage pregnancy and out of wedlock pregnancy exist as separate terms?
Why does our movie rating system focus more on what's appropriate for children under thirteen and seventeen than what's appropriate?
Why is drinking wrong for me because I'm under 21, smoking because I'm under 19, porn because I'm under 18, and R rated movies okay because I'm 17? Can't they pick one age for everything?
We as a society know that people will always drink and smoke and have sex and watch crappy movies. Instead of tackling those problems in the here and now, we place restrictions on the 'next' generation. Never mind that the average age for a first cigarette is 14.5 and 16.2 for a first drink. Never mind the average for loss of virginity in the US is 16.4. It's not the smoking and drinking and sex that's the problem-it's the age. We like to think that if we can restrict these people of tomorrow instead of changing our habits today the world will somehow, someday become a cleaner place.
Don't tell me something's not right because of my age. Rules shouldn't apply to just one group of people. Either it's wrong for everybody or wrong for nobody.

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