Saturday, February 8, 2014

Liza Temnikova

Elizabeta Temnikova opening ceremony
Putin gave a speech. Cosmonauts raised the flag. Hundreds of light technicians, dancers, choreographers, costumers, puppeters, prop designers, engineers, and sundry technology people worked to make Sochi's opening ceremony a success. But they're not the ones who will be remembered.
She couldn't look more graceful and pure-no doubt the product of talent scouts, makeup artists, hairdressers, and coaches. She makes flying look easy. It's easy to forget that she's an athlete too, an acrobat, and according to the announcers she broke her arm during training. Yet here she is, fearlessly dangling a hundred feet above the stadium floor. If a wire snaps, if she falters, if she loses her focus, a million eyes are watching in hundreds of languages. But she doesn't.
How cool is it that Russia wants an eleven year old girl to represent their country? 

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