Friday, February 8, 2013

Invisible Underlings

Every year our school holds a Spirit Bowl. And every year the seniors win. Every. Single. Year. Naturally people started to suspect something was up, so at this year's assembly the SBOs specifically announced that "It's not rigged."
But nobody told the seniors. In the hallway by the auditorium is a huge black poster reading 'Seniors: The Odds Are In Our Favor.'
Yep, Hunger Games theme. The teachers are the Capitol and each grade gets the district corresponding to their number. So the seniors are District 12, everybody's favorite underdogs, juniors get eleven, home of Rue and Thresh. And the sophomores are left with ten, home of...uh...
But I'm not going to complain about the numbers, it's just bad luck. What really bugged me is the mock Reaping they had on Tuesday. Everybody who dressed up nicely that day got a single point for their District. Then they got to put a paper with their name and grade in a bowl and got a piece of candy in return. If your name gets pulled, your district looses fifteen points. It's a gamble, but hey, free candy.
When they read off the names, more than half were sophomores, with seniors having the least. Two days later, we had the actual event.
Guess who won.
Guess who came in last.
In school plays, seniors will get all the leads, while sophomores with just as much experience are demoted to the ensemble. You'll never see a sophomore presiding over a club as an officer.
I know the playing field's not level. Everybody does. But could they at least acknowledge that it isn't?

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