Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America Through My Own Eyes

When I was six, there was this TV show I liked called Liberty's Kids. It was about America's Revolutionary War, presented in a way that was supposed to be educational for children ages seven to fourteen. I liked the way I liked all the other educational television shows I watched as a child, because it was entertaining. That, and I knew all these facts about Phyllis Wheatley and Benedict Arnold the adults in my neighborhood didn't.
Nine years later, I could still remember two lines of the theme song. They came to mind every time I heard somebody's opinion of the economy, or read a snide comment at the bottom of a yahoo article, or came up with a strange and original thought myself.
How can I see it any other way?
I'm looking at life through my own eyes.
So I looked it up. I found this video. I must have watched it at least forty times since. Each time, I discover something new. A word, a picture, the number of seconds spent on that picture, breathes new meaning.
It's in English, and google won't translate that, but I think the words are something everyone needs to hear. So I'll put my favorite parts down here:
Yet still I know the truth will rise and fall
That's just the way it goes
A word now to the wise
The world was made to change
Each day is a surprise
Looking at life through my own eyes 
Searching for a hero to idolize
Feeling the pain as innocence dies
Looking at life
Through my own eyes
I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day
I listen to my heart and I obey
How can I see it any other way?
I'm looking at life through my own eyes.
And I know if you're looking for the truth
If you go and read between the lines
You'll discover how and why

lotrings1, who posted this nearly three years ago, included this statement under the video:
fell in love with this song the very first time i heard it back in 7th grade. It just has a real good message for everyone under the age of 35. I made this video for that age group because in these troubled times we need to stand up let our voices be heard. And look at life through our own eyes.

Do you know why Independence means? It means alone. So I encourage all of you to celebrate this Independence Day by coming up with an original idea and looking at life through your own eyes.

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