Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And My Self Esteem Goes Up

Last night my family forced me to go to this family reunion we have every year. It's at the same park, we eat the same food, and that same family always has their own bag of Doritos. I have two girl cousins around my age, but this year one of them was in Japan and the other stayed home or something. It was okay because I made some new friends. The first was this two year old boy named Boston who had something blue smeared around his mouth. I amazed him by jumping of a four foot platform and landing unharmed. He has an older sister, who asked for my help getting this specific leaf down from a tree. I asked her what her name was.
"How old are you, Riley?" I don't usually make a guess with little kids because they get offended when you're off by a whole year. Age is like having cardboard boxes crammed full of stuff sitting in your attic. When you only have four or five, you treasure them. Once you start to have around forty, you just wish they would all go away.
"Six and a half, and he's two."
"I'm Eliza. Guess how old I am."
She stared at me for a moment. "Twenty?"
"Lower than that."
I'm 5' 1'' and I weigh around 110 pounds. "No, lower than twenty."
Her eyes lit up. "I know-you're a teenager!"
"Good. Guess how old I am."
"It's less than twenty."
"Close. Fifteen."
I've had people think I was sixteen before-twice, actually-but never twenty.

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