Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Learned in Middle School

     Some of the most valuable lessons are the ones teachers teach without realizing it.
1: The world revolves around math, since Earth's orbit can be demonstrated by an equation.
-Mr. Lewis, math, seventh grade
2: Teachers are allowed to tell "your mom" jokes
Ms. Howard, language arts, seventh grade
3: Diagraming sentences are necessary to your eternal salvation because my language arts teachers examines the sentence structure of the scriptures in his spare time. Who cares if it isn't part of the core.
-Mr. Varga, language arts ninth grade
4: Only engineers, research physicists, and archietects use math in real life, so stop asking.
-Ms. Mitchell, math, eighth grade
5: The meaning of phrases changes overtime. Today, "Meet me at the flagpole after school" means there's going to be a fight. Twenty years ago, it meant a partiotic wedgie.
-Ms. Howard, language arts seventh grade
6: Grades don't matter too much. Just graduate high school, don't do drugs, and remember to abstain until marriage.
-Ms. Torres, health, eighth grade
7: If you're enough of a brat, teachers will eventually give up trying to discipline you. Even the former Marine gym teachers who have been known to dock girls points if their gym shorts aren't blue enough.
-Ms. Tweed, gym, seventh grade
8: All social studies teachers feel kind of  stupid standing up their, blabbering to a silent audience. Attempt to show them up or offer a comment, snarky or helpful, and they will love you as their darling little discussion provoker.
-Mr. Richins, social studies, seventh grade
-Mr. White, history, eighth grade
-Ms. Linsley, geography, ninth grade
9: Romeo and Juliet isn't exactly a school appropriate play, but we're fine so long as the principal doesn't walk in right this very moment.
-Ms. Von der Lohe, theater, seventh and eighth grade
-Mr. Varga, language arts, ninth grade
10: Keep your head down, shut up, and don't cause trouble.
-Everybody else

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