Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYRA Stands for Controversial Causes

     Back in March, I did a post on the National Youth Rights Association. I was serously considering joining until I realized I didn't agree with most of their ideas. For example, NYRA supports lowering the drinking age.
     Drinking destroys families. And brain cells. And cars. Especially when the drivers do not have as much experience.
     They also support lowering the driving age. Personally, I think that would be awesome, but I've waited over fourteen years for my liscense. I'm sure I can wait one month, three weeks, three days, one hour, and fifty-seven minutes more. Not that I'm counting.
     We have enough drivers as it is. Lowering the driving age would put more on the road, which would increase pollution (which makes the environment unhappy), traffic accidents (which make most people unhappy) and traffic (which makes me very, very unhappy when I'm late for my piano lesson and the cars ahead will. not. move!).
    I do, however, agree with them lowering the voting age to sixteen. Sixteen-year-olds pay sales and sometimes income tax, lose teachers and programs to budget cuts, and breath air polluted by cars and factories. Sure, not all teenagers would make smart votes, but not all adults do, either. I'm sure many adults would agree, say, 57%, which coincidentally is the percentage that dissaproves of Obama at the moment.
     All in all, NYRA has done a powerful job of uniting young people to stand up for what they believe in, no matter how well thought out those beliefe might be.

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