Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I belong to a church youth group that does some kind of activity every Wednesday. Sometimes we learn religious lessons, sometimes we do service projects, and every once and a while we go out and do something fun, but with an opening prayer and hymn to justify it. Today, we went to a "fun center" with bounce houses, arcade games, roller skating, and food. We had VIP (very important person, for nonenglish speakers) which gave us free skating and discounts on other things. Some friends and I wanted to get into the inflatable area. I paid nine dollars for myself and two friends. That isn't a lot of money in America, unless you have my allowance. I was in the inflatable area for five minutes-yes, I actually checked the time-when I found out my church group was about to leave. I asked the people working there for a partial refund. Not a full refund, just a partial one. Since my friends weren't with me and I'd only spent $0.50 of my $3.00, I asked for $2.10 back. That is approximately 1.27 pounds, 1.41 euros, 3.38 reals, 2.66 new zealand dollars, or 6.28 ringgits. My apolagies to the people of Malaysia if I spelled that wrong.
I thought this was a very reasonable request. I had paid for three people for thirty minutes, and I was only asking for-great, I have to do math here-a little less than 6% of my money back. Not a lot, but the lady refused. She refused nicely, but it was still no. On the ride home, I was talking about this with my friend Anna. I asked her, "Do you think they would have given an adult a refund?"
"I think they probably would," she said.
Now, we don't know this for sure. They seemed like nice enough people. Maybe it was their policy. Maybe it was because it was my group's fault, not mine, that I was leaving early. But either way, I can't help feel a little cheated, by fate or the employees.


  1. Hehe you make me laugh 'eliza' ^_^

  2. You should really try it with an adult, do a full experiment!