Friday, March 4, 2011

Youth Rights President takes on Senator

     Last night, 17-year-old Jeffrey Nadel, President of the National Youth Rights Association, was interview by CNN along with New York Senator Eric Adams. Adams has been pushing parents to search their children's rooms and backpacks for weapons and drugs. Nadel argued that this violated teenagers' rights to privacy.
     I agree in part with Adams. I know, of course, that drugs are horrible things. I believe that parents play a large role in whether or not their sons and daughters abuse drugs. However, relationships, especially sturdy ones, are impossible to establish without a degree of trust.
  But my biggest complaint is the way the interview was conducted Before the debate had even begun, the host said, "Listen, Jeffrey, I'm on the side of the senator tonight."
     I am on my school's newspaper and my teacher advisor told me it is bad journalism to go into a report with a bias. Even worse is how the host interupted the President of NYRA three times so Adams had ample time to speak. This is a blunt example of teen ageism. How is it that in an era in which many types of discrimination are frowned upon, age discrimination is considered perfectly acceptable?

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